The Daily Discovery – 05/28/2018

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Well today was a bit less messy. Although I got turned around twice, I made it everywhere and didn’t get stuck. I headed out to check one more country off my list, although I will definitely be going back to see more than the square mile I did.

Beautiful Niagara Falls. Millions of gallons moving faster than Denver traffic, with no way of stopping and no reason to either.

This is how I wish to live my life, but it’s so damn impossible. Most people would consider me a fairly impulsive person when it comes to life choices, but my mind runs a million miles a minute finding answers and calculating risk and reward.

Some days you can have it all, others you have to make a choice. I would have loved to see everything in between, but life is calling me further east, and I must answer it’s call.



The Daily Discovery – 

America charges a dollar to get into their border at Canada, one of the only countries to charge a fee to get in.

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