The Daily Discovery – 05/29/2018

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Vermont has been calling me for awhile now. About six months. I came sooner than expected and couldn’t understand the pulling. I thought “this must be where I belong“.

I prematurely started looking at property and jobs and planned a trip to check it out. When my GPS said “welcome to Vermont”, I popped out of my driving daze and looked up. Wow! What a beautiful sight! For the next thirty minutes I assured myself this was where I was going to move.

I stopped to find a campsite and snapped some beautiful pics along the way. I popped my tent, arranged my bedding and began to cook lunch. Then the flies came. I’ve never so quickly cooked a meal, packed and left a campsite. I thought I could stand it out, but I figured if I were driving they would leave me alone a bit.

I drove up to Killington, thinking a nice ski town might cheer me up. I missed both turns then headed towards Stowe. Discouraged that I was slowly finding out this wasn’t my path, I stopped for some local cider tasting, then headed to the recommended dinner spot to treat myself for reaching an epiphany.

I do not belong in Vermont. The universe sent me here to tell me to stop wasting my time and to enjoy now without planning for later.

So thus, I raise a glass to those who have yet to find their path, stop looking.

For now, enjoy the ride.



The Daily Discovery –

“Vermont is the state of the man bun.”

-Solo Woman Traveler at Nectar’s Bar as we look at 9 different men with longer hair than her.

In my quest for finding happiness, I was rewarded with accidentally stumbling upon the Ben and Jerry’s near Stowe, VT!


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