The Daily Discovery – 05/30/2018

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I woke up this morning to a man next to me, talking nonsense in his sleep. It slipped my mind that I was staying in a hostel, and when I got up, I almost tripped on a Great Dane who made himself comfortable next to my bunk. I slept surprisingly well considering there were 4 other people and a dog in the room that all got up before me.

I got turned around about 23 times today and was off my game. I stopped a few times to hike, but never made it onto a trail. Another day where I would normally shake my head and say it was “wasted” or “ruined” and get down on myself for not making the most of it.

It is hard to not compare my “most of it” with yours, which is the only reason I would think today was negative. By comparison to what YOU might do, I wasted my day. Compared to my day-to-day, I consider it a win that I made it out of bed before check out, was able to stay awake while driving and didn’t have a headache, pain or any symptoms.

When we drop the comparison to others, we drop the negativity. When we stop saying “I didn’t do it as well” and start saying “I did my best,” that is where the magic happens. Appreciate yourself for what you are able to do today. Whatever that may look like.

Go love yourself.

The Daily Discovery –

Black flies not only bite you, but they apply an anticoagulant and anesthetic when they do so that your blood flows freely, and you can’t feel it either. Savage.

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