Should Have Had Lobster in Maine

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I left Acadia early this morning after an interesting breakfast of a new recipe of overnight oats and pineapple. I journaled a bit and made a plan. Head towards Boston.

I was going to meet a friend out there, but things didn’t pan out as she was, ironically, back in my home state.

The lobster pounds in Maine weren’t open yet, so I headed South for Boston and stopped near the waterfront to find some lobster before I left the region iconic for it’s fresh lobster.

I found a restaurant in the fish market and thought “what could be better than lobster straight from the pier? I was wrong. Now, I’ve never had a fresh lobster before so maybe I am mistaken on how it should taste, but my server was chatty and hard to understand and I didn’t get the listed meal in whole because part of it wasn’t gluten free, but I still had to pay for it.

I decided to move on. From the lobster, and from Massachusetts. I wanted to hit all the little states in this area, so I stopped off in Rhode Island and found a campsite for the night, the park rangers were hitting on me (not sure why that always seems to happen), but they said they’d leave me alone if I kept my cider in a water bottle even though there is no alcohol allowed.

Also, I found this little guy who seems to be wearing a penguin vest. You go little guy.

Cheers to another day.


The Daily Discovery

I learned how to crack and eat a boiled lobster on a pier of the Atlantic Ocean in New England.

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