Delaware Water Gap – Waterfalls Galore

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I didn’t really know what to expect coming out to the East Coast. I hadn’t really heard much about it other than New York City, which I am avoiding for another trip. I guess I kind of expected it to be like the Midwest; quiet, flat and generally not much to do.

I never expected New Jersey to have waterfalls. Like a strange amount of them in one small strip of park called the Delaware Water Gap. Ironically, the Delaware Water Gap isn’t even near Delaware, but it gets its name for the Delaware River that flows through the middle of this mountain pass. You heard me, New Jersey also has mountains, small in comparison to the Rockies, but mountains nonetheless.

I went to three different waterfalls. Don’t ask me to remember the names of all of them, but if you are in the area, a simple “waterfalls” search in Google Maps will light up your Christmas tree. They were all a short distance from the road, but the roads were not always the best for driving as they were littered with pot holes the size of porcupines.

Because of some damage from late Winter storms in the area, many of the trails are closed right now, so do some research before you head out and check the website. You will have to pay a few tolls going over the bridges, but it is nothing much and the park itself is free entry.

Checked another couple states off my list today, and added a few more waterfalls to my travel memories.

Go chase waterfalls.

The Daily Discovery –

I learned where Delaware was today.

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