How long does it take you to get up in the morning? How many times a week do you wake up and already feel behind? Like you don’t have enough time for anything?

Almost every morning, I wake up with the sun, 90% of the time, I lie in my tent and drift in and out of sleep for another hour or so. This morning I chose to chase the sunrise over Lake Douglas and it was totally worth it.

5 years ago, I’d be waking up before the sun, taking half an hour to get my clothes on, do my hair and makeup, and make coffee, and yet still, I felt I was always almost late to work. It didn’t help that I loathed my job and waited til the last second to leave my apartment.

I now have all the time in the world, and spend as much time “getting ready” as I want or need, but still feel hurried.

My morning routine now consists of this:

Walk to the bathroom

Walk the long way back

Make tea and oatmeal

Read for a bit


Wee bit of yoga

Dismantle tent

Find new adventure.

Gone are the days of makeup and hair styling. I haven’t worn makeup in a year and a half and it has been the best thing I ever gave up, next to coffee. Bed head? It’s good enough, this will be my hairstyle til I shower next!

When life stops being about what others think of you and starts becoming what you think of yourself, magic happens.

I invite you to write down what your ideal morning ritual looks like. Each week add one thing you are doing and take away something non-essential.

Now, the trick is keeping my mornings healthy when the scenery changes!


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