As I write this, I am laying in my Subaru, with the windows all fogged up, but I promise, it’s not what you’re thinking.

I rolled into Kentucky early this afternoon and made brunch at a trailhead. Brunch consisted of fresh blueberries, guava, carrots and all 6 sausage patties in the smallest package I could find. After already eating breakfast of overnight cocoats (cocoa and oats).

Not having a cooler limits the amount of food I can take with me, and don’t ask me why Kentucky has guava.

Anywho, I consumed my feast and finished off with some candied coconut, also not sure why that is stocked in Kentucky. I headed out for a short mile loop and saw the state’s tallest waterfall, Yahoo Falls.

I snapped some pics and took a wrong turn, finding out there was a lake nearby. Also taking a wrong turn leaving the park, I almost drove into it. A beautiful glassy mirror of the most vibrant colors I’ve ever seen, pure bliss.

I found a campground nearby and it was only $5, but I was determined to find some free dispersed camping this time. I headed 30 minutes past paved roads into a flood zone to find the perfect campsite stocked with wood and in the shade.

There was a cute little swimming hole on the creek that was the perfect temperature to cool off the 85° day. I sat and read for a bit before the flies chased me into my tent to finish a few more chapters.

I was looking at the sky and hearing thunder off in the distance thinking “I should really make dinner before the rains hit” when the rains hit. I hunkered down to wait out a short storm and staying positive.

“Nah, my tent won’t leak,” I told myself. “Its not gonna rain that long,” I assured myself. “Not enough to flood the tent,” I reassured myself.

I even wrote in my journal:

I think it’s going to be a short storm. I see blue skies and cooler weather ahead. It will make for a nice campfire tonight, psyched I got this place fully loaded for free. SCORE!

So, an hour and a half later, I’m sitting in my car, windows foggy, the light pitter patter of the rain letting up and the cool breeze of a nice night wafting in the windows.

I guess I got lucky in Kentucky.


Side note: I wrote this before it rained all night. Tent flooded, but it all worked out. I danced in the rain.

If you are what you eat, in my case, I’m bananas.

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