The End of One Road, The Start of Another

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4 months ago my life transformed. I sold my belongings, sold my house, packed up my life in my Subaru and headed out for the adventure of a lifetime. I left my comfort zone and stepped into conscious reality.

Concious reality is the idea that your subconcious steps aside and you have to physically, emotionally and mentally be exactly where you are. Dan Kieran explains in his book The Idle Traveller about a situation in which you may feel drawn a certain way that doesn’t logically make sense. This is your left and right brain fighting each other. Your left, more logical side will say “its not worth it. Don’t waste your time and money. Your future is more important.” While your right brain is saying “chase that waterfall. Climb that mountain. Take that trip.

Dan Kieran goes on to say, “This could also explain why people seem to ‘find themselves’ when they are traveling, because they are more conscious of the experience of being alive when they are journeying in new and exciting ways. Being in alien places and cultures will inevitably result in an increased connection with yourself, because it’s in these new situations that your consciousness wakes up.”

I think this is why I like change so much. Because it makes me feel alive. 

If I had found this book before I left four months ago, I probably wouldn’t have been so confused as to why I had to take this trip. My left brain was so tired of being logical, of making sense and taking care of my future. Thank you left brain, but I don’t need you so much as you think. My right brain has historically been put aside. As Arts and Music no longer became a requirement of my studies, and crafts and home projects were pushed aside by CPA study books and tax codes, my right brain became ignored.

I would sometimes have decent ideas, or want to do something fun and creative, but life mainly became about work. Working to pay for my home which I worked hard to get. Working towards my CPA license to be able to work harder at work. Working tediously at my Master’s degree so I could have the education to work. My right brain finally spoke up.


The little voice in my head continued to shout through my endless reassurance that I had to stay, I had to work towards my goal, I had to achieve everything in life, I had to stay ahead.

Why? I couldn’t say. I still couldn’t tell you why we work so hard and so vigorously for something so silly and trivial as money. It’s paper for christssake! Obviously we all are aware that there is not a way to live without money in the United States, and I will definitely be writing about that in the future, but in the long run, why were we all working so hard to retire, saving our pennies so that we can enjoy the last years of our lives in comfort.

What if we don’t make it? What if you save your entire life for retirement, ensuring that you will live lavishly and be able to travel the world, but you retire and the very next day you have a heart attack and die. Imagine you don’t even make it to retirement and keel over your desk at work. I couldn’t imagine a life where I worked my whole life to enjoy the end of it. After being sick for almost 6 years straight, I decided life was worth living while it was here.

And the funny part is, I got better because of it. Being outdoors, traveling consciously and being mindful of the present moment helped me to understand and fine tune my diet and exercise to help me to begin healing.

I am still developing my thoughts around this idea, and it will forever be changing, but I want to leave you with this quote from The Idle Traveller:

“We’re all planning for tomorrow at the expense of today, because that stops us iving in the moment and having to accept the imperfect nature of things as they are.”

(Click here to find Dan Kieran’s The Idle Traveller on Amazon)

Boom. Truth Bomb.






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